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Tamale Mirundi: “I wrote a book 2yrs ago about Bobi Wine even before him joining politics. I prophesied his coming.


Mukasa Mbidde:
“Bobi Wine is going to be the political gatamelata of our time. He is a kind of a leader we have been looking for. He inspires the population that was never interested in politics. He has the kind of support that is supercalifaligistic experliducious.”

Tamale Mirundi:
“I wrote a book 2yrs ago about Bobi Wine
even before him joining politics. I prophesied his coming. The current political trend favors Bobi Wine. Instead of wasting your time abusing him find out what has brought him cause more Bobi Wines are going to come.”

Bebe Cool:
“I seriously wonder why Bobi Wine hates this government. He become rich at 25yrs, by 25yrs Bobi Wine was rich with a Manson and an expensive car escalade. He also inspired me to work more harder to buy my hummer, why doesn’t he teach the youth how he managed to become rich at 25yrs?”

“Bobi Wine is remarkably very intelligent, very exposed, very determined it’s do hard to find rich youth who surrenders his life to fight for freedom.”

Proff_Ogenga Latigo:
“Bobi Wine is a youth and he is a musician. In politics always fear two things; Youths and Music.”
Prof_Gilbert Bukenya:
“This young man Bobi Wine has shown courage, I wonder people who are underestimating him. If I was president M7 I would invite him and we take some tea.”

Bebe Cool in CockStudio:
“It’s high time for people to take musicians serious. It’s time for people to understand that we musicians can be good leaders. Bobi Wine has won the Kyadondo sit because he had the numbers. Politics is determined by numbers. Cong’s to him”

Tamale Mirundi:
“Politics is determined by three things; Time, Luck and Money. Of the three things Bobi Wine has two of them, he came in the best time and another thing he is a lucky man…I warned NRM about Bobi Wine but they never listened to me.”

Tanga Odoi:
“Bobi Wine is very popular and yet simple. He was my student, he is a very simple person who relates with everyone, he doesn’t show off, We knew that Bobi Wine was going to win our candidate in Kyadondo East.”
Fr_Gaetano Batanyenda of Kitanga Parish in Kabale Diocese:
“Hon. Bad Bobi Wine is a ‘political prophet’ sent by God to lead the country into the promised land. When I saw him, I took off my hat for him because he is doing a courageous thing.”

Abed Bwanika
“Bobi Wine is emerging leaders of opposition.”

Al_Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebagala:
“I remember Bobi Wine was among the artists who campaigned for me when I was competing with Peter Sematimba. I realized one thing about him, he is a guy who admire to be a leader. Bobi Wine is well trained, I remember telling him that if you want to be a leader in a country like Uganda, u have to pass three things; Imprisonment, Death and the most important is Winning. That’s the very trend Bobi Wine is passing through.”

Julius Malema
“Bobi Wine is an inspiration, Bobi Wine is like Nelson Chamisa. We don’t agree with Chamisa’s politics. Ideologically we disagree. But the ability of the young to stand up, is an inspiration to us.”

Betty Kamya:
“I just wonder, this boy has just joined politics just two year but he is doing things at a very terrible speed. Even the UK parliament is discussing about him, the international TV interviews he is getting are beyond his level. Some of the things Bobi Wine is doing Besigye has never done them. The current Bobi Wine is not the Bobi Wine we know.”

Ronald Mayinja:
“Bobi Wine has inspired us to return to school.”

Kayihura (When he was still in office):
“We don’t know the tricks Bobi Wine uses, whenever we are challenged to calm down the bayayez in ghettos, we call Bobi Wine for help. Indeed he is a ghetto President coz they listen to him.”

Afande Kirumira (In one of his last interviews):
“This Ugandan Parliament needs no-nonsense people like me and Bobi Wine. Very soon I will join him there.”

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata:
“Bobi Wine is God sent, I can not be stupid to attack him. I’m known for attacking people, but have you heard me say a word about him (Bobi Wine)? Some of us are very calculative.”

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